What has happened since the last letter?

Well, I’ve finished LAX-SYD-YVR. At the moment, it’s about 55,000 words and is into the various editorial stages. I am working on getting readership, hence this letter to some extent, and thinking about the pre-launch process. Btw, I find it much easier to write books than to deal with the various things associated with marketing, publicity, launching etc. I have a mental check list and I’m working on various deadlines, with April 4 being the day the book goes on sale.

All that being said, LAX has been a pleasure to write. Being 80, there are things I cannot do anymore. I cannot undo my past. It’s not history. But I am thinking a lot about the necessity for fairy tales, not just for kids, but for adults as well. I will write more about this when it’s more refined in my head.

Well, my dear readers, that’s all for now. Rest up as much as you can in this busy season, preferably with a good book. And, remember, books make great presents.

Oh, my last thing. The sequel to LAX is called YVR-LHR-OLY and, just because it’s so much fun, I’m writing chapter 1 (difficult because I have to work in the back story for readers who haven’t read LAX) and set up the fun for the rest of the book. Chapters 2-5 are in the back of my mind and I don’t know much more than that.